Rental Car and Service Replacement

Underwriting and administrative services for OEM subsidized rental and service replacement car programs

Delivering for Dealers

Experience innovation and flexibility that results in the richest program in the industry.

Data Visibility

Utilize our online platform to stay current with all compliance regulations.

Claims Visibility

Unprecedented access to dealer claims reporting and status through an innovative dashboard.

Seamless Connectivity

Fully integrated with fleet management systems to minimize user actions and errors.

Essential Enhancements

Best-in-class streamlined process cuts out extra steps and saves time for dealers.

Field Support and Training

Streamlined process minimizes the “knowledge wall” at the dealership and service center delivers multi-channel training.

Contingent & Excess Liability

Underwriting and administrative services for Contingent & Excess Liability programs

Fully provided under Contingent Liability

Online access to file claims for an expedited process.

Applies if the customer’s insurance is uncollectable at the time of an accident.

$100,000 per person contingent liability; $300,000 per occurrence bodily injury; $50,000 per occurrence property damage, with high limits available.

Subscription & Peer-to-Peer

Creative, streamlined approach to have VINs move from program to program

Our industry experts have more than 200 years of experience dedicated to insuring automotive manufacturers, new car dealers, and banks.

We have creative ways of seamlessly moving VINS from program to program.

Our team has developed subscription and peer-to-peer insurance programs for OEMs and dealer groups.
Employee Lease Program

Protect OEM assets while providing a valuable benefit to employees

We provide coverage for all enrolled units with negotiable coverage limits and deductibles.
We provide access to coverage for additional household cars, homeowners, pets, and personal umbrella insurance with bundling discounts and ability to pay through payroll deduction.
Bank Floor Plan Insurance Program

We have the expertise to design the program that works for you and your dealers

We’ll design a program that helps you sell floor plan financing through rate structures that are fair to every region, state, and dealer. Each dealer is individually underwritten.

We are committed to handling claims quickly and fairly.

Brightline Dealer Advisors

Dealership Services in a Brand New Light

Disrupt the Dark

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