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To ensure dealership success from the inside out, we built an organization that is passionate about operating on the dealer’s agenda. Through our experience, we recognized three areas of improvement in a dealer’s business: Finance & Insurance, Property & Casualty, and Employee Benefits. We found that F&I is incredibly stale, P&C is merely a transaction, and EB is massively underserved in this space. Brightline reimagines how we can serve and partner with the dealership industry in these areas and more.

At Brightline Dealer Advisors, dealer centricity isn’t just a buzzword, it’s in our DNA. It’s the foundation of our strategy and the source of the relentless passion behind our mission to make our dealers Raving Fans.
— Eric Dragoo, President & CEO

Brightline Insurance

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Insurance Expertise

  • Best in class Terms, Rate & Conditions

  • Standard & Emerging Risks

Safety & Loss Control

  • Regulatory Compliance



  • COI’s & Contract Review

  • 3rd Party COI Platforms (ISN)

Claims Advocacy

  • Reserve Analysis & Negotiation

  • Quarterly Reviews

About Us

Brightline Insurance Services is highly specialized in niche markets where we have a competitive advantage. You can rely on our subject matter experts to help control your cost of coverage while helping you to identify key business objectives which help you mitigate risks in all areas of your business.

Brightline Insurance

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